No more time consuming flat pack drains to assemble.

For more information on the Filtrex cages please download the product flier. 

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For more information on the Filtrex Leach Drain Systems, please download our information.

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Filtrex MK1 & MK2 - Irrigation Leach Drain

The Filtrex leach drains will meet your onsite wastewater needs, and at the same time keep your lawn green.

With the ever increasing awareness of water conservation, our irrigation leach drain systems can benefit the consumer by reducing water consumption in your lawn area.

You will enjoy ongoing savings by re-using your household wastewater and therefore it reduces the amount of scheme water you would usually require.  

Our standard leach drain cages gives us the ability to custom design systems for your site specific needs. The systems and components comply with WA Health Department (DOHWA)  and Local Government regulations. 

Suited to sites that are not environmentally sensitive and where health regulations allow standard leach drain systems.

A Western Australian owned and operated company, the team at Filtrex can design a system for both domestic and commercial applications through its uniquely patented design which has DOHWA approval.


Call our experienced team to assist you with a quotation. 

Advantages of the Filtrex Leach Drains:  

  • Fast and easy installation 
  • Light material for ease of transportation of components. 
  • Supply only option for MK2 leach drain 
  • Subsurface treatment 
  • Designs suited to residential and commercial
  • Over 50 years experience