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For more information on the Filtrex ATS System, please download our ATS Information Brochure.

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Filtrex ATS - Alternative Treatment System

The complete range of Filtrex Alternative Treatment Systems are specifically designed for environmentally sensitive areas in Western Australia.

These area’s where reticulated sewerage is not available include:

  • Water Catchment Area’s

  • Nutrient Phosphate Retentive Sites

  • High Ground Water

  • Unfavourable Soil Condition’s requiring a more specialised system

  • Sewage Sensitive Area’s

  • Public Drinking Water Resource Area’s

  • Wetlands

Filtrex is a Western Australian owned and operated company. We design, manufacture and install our own systems. Our Filtrex ATS gives us the ability to custom design a treatment system for your domestic and commercial needs. The systems comply with WA Health Department and Local Government regulations.

When looking for a suitable system for your individual requirements, it becomes very confusing understanding the suitability of systems offered in the market place. We often come across acronyms such as ATS / ATU / GDD / ATWS / OWTS in planning development’s, making it difficult for the consumer to understand and define what is suitable and acceptable for their property.

We have trained staff whom offer their knowledge and can liaise with your local government health department to ensure your onsite wastewater needs comply with the relevant regulations, be it for domestic or commercial applications.

Advantages of the Filtrex range:

  • No Service Agreements or Maintenance Contracts

  • No Chemicals/Additives

  • Subsurface treatment eliminating human contact, therefore creating a safer environment

  • Designs Suited to Residential and Commercial

  • Used by Institutional and Government Departments

  • Over 50 years experience

The team at Filtrex can design a system for the both domestic and commercial applications through its uniquely patented design which has DOHWA approval.

ATS– Alternative Treatment System

  • Filtrex ATU2™- 564 litres/24 hours—2 Bedroom Dwelling
  • Filtrex ATU4™ - 829 litres/24 hours—4 Bedroom Dwelling
  • Filtrex ATU5™ - 1099 litres/24 hours—5 Bedroom Dwelling
  • Filtrex ATU6™- 1369 litres/24 hours—6 Bedroom Dwelling
  • Filtrex GENX-ATU™—Sized for the hydraulic load for an individual application either domestic or commercial purpose