Products & Descriptions


Filtrex ATS - Alternative Treatment System

The team at Filtrex can design a system for the both domestic and commercial applications through its uniquely patented design which has DOHWA approval...


SEPRON MK1 & MK2 - Irrigation Leach Drain

The SEPRON leach drains will meet your onsite wastewater needs, and at the same time keep your lawn green. With the ever increasing awareness of water conservation...


SEPRON Poly Septic Tanks

The SEPRON range of polyethylene septic tanks are manufactured in Western Australia. We provide the household consumer a product that is...


Filtrex Concrete Septic Tanks

The Filtrex 3200 LTR Concrete Tank is supplied in conjunction with the SEPRON Poly Septic Tank products. This concrete tank has a baffle creating primary and secondary chamber’s. The lid has...


Pumps, Alarm & Float

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