SEPRON Poly Septic Tanks

  • SEPRON Poly Tanks are lightweight

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to transport

  • Anti-Floatation ring and ribbing incorporated into the design

  • Manufactured from UV stabilised durable polyethylene


Australian Standard SMKH25666
Western Australian Health Department approved
Patent No: 12956/2008


The SEPRON range of polyethylene septic tanks are manufactured in Western Australia. 

We provide the household consumer a product that is stringently tested to comply with Australian Standards. Giving you satisfaction that the product has a 3 year guarantee.* 

All tanks are fitted with connections and lids ready for use making ease of installation to either your new or existing building. The tanks are designed to integrate efficiently with your chosen leach drain system. 


* Product installation and use to be in accordance with the SEPRON installation and operation manual. 


For more information on the SEPRON Poly Septic Tanks, please download our product flyers.

Spec Sheet - POLY PUMP PIT 500 LT.pdf

Spec Sheet - POLY PUMP PIT 1000 LT.pdf

Spec Sheet - POLY SEPTIC TANK 1500 Litre .pdf

Spec Sheet - POLY SEPTIC TANK 2200 Litre .pdf